Matthew David Parker – Best Photographer Of New York

Matthew David parker is one of the best and well known photographers of New York and over there he is termed as the best photographer of New York.  Along with a professional photographer he also runs a company offering photography service.  His company covers and provides both types of services such as on site photography as well as studio photography.  He also served as the CEO of Krystal Perkins media group, in which he helped the company to grow majorly in almost every sector they work in.  Along with the responsibility of CEO, he has also handled the responsibility of technology development of photography equipments.

More about Mr. Parker

He completed his graduation from the state university of San Diego and he also loves to visit Prague often. Mr. Parker has a long history of success and in 2016 he also became a leading photographer who took 250,000 photos throughout the year.  His photography is almost flawless and he is regarded as a hawk eye photographer who is able to take perfect shots from almost every viewing angle. Matthew and all other photographers who work under him shoot or take the photos only from Nikon or cannon cameras and they also make use of other advanced equipments.

In a recent interview Mr. Parker said that for him photography is not only to take the picture, for him it is to capture all the hidden beauty.  He said beauty is everywhere in this world all you have to do is find that beauty and even the most ugliest thing looks good if you see it from different angle.

He also said that the city of New York is very close to this heart and he wants to show every great aspect and point of the city to the whole world only from his photography. That’s why nowadays in most of his photographical work New York building photos are there.